Worms World Party Game

Worms World Party

Worms battle across zany custom or randomly-generated landscapes with over 40 single player missions and 20 extended training levels. The perfect online gaming experience, on a global scale, with its mixture of globally appealing humor, outrageous entertainment, addictive game-play and myriad of game modes and options.

Rating: 80%

It would be hard to think that there is anyone globally who hasn't heard of the Worms series of games. Just in case we have a reader who has been on a desert Island for a while I will just run over the basics. Worms is a game where you lead a team of worms into battle against another team of worms using weapons and strategies along the way to eliminate the enemy so finishing the game as winner with the last worm standing. Worms World Party is the next in this series of games that will enthral plus amuse present fans along with those new to the series for hours.

To get the game started you have a slot machine like you would find in an amusement arcade. This is called the wormpot. You pull the side lever to spin the game play options. The reel is divided into three sections just like your cherries on the fruit machines. Each section will land giving you three combinations in all. The spin of the reel comes up differently every time so you will almost never get the same combination of options as there are anything up to one thousand!It really makes this game challenging plus exciting as you never know which combination you will get.

All the usual weapons are here in Worms 4 World Party such as the ninja rope where you can drop dynamite or even sheep from a great height to explode and destroy your enemy, or the burrowing moles that surface only to explode and do the same. There are of course the shotguns, rocket launchers or napalm strikes to utilise as in previous worms titles. There are though in this title new features to engage you such as twenty new training mode missions plus forty single player mode missions too. There is a zoom function whereby you can zoom in or pan out depending on how you prefer to view the game plus there is an internet play option giving the player more variety.

This game I think is the most challenging yet. For instance using the grenade isn't just a matter of pulling the pin and throwing it, oh no! There are various factors to be taken into account such as which way is the wind blowing? Where is the enemy in reference to where you are? Are there any obstacles in the way? Watch out for land mines too as if you hit one with a grenade this will prove catastrophic.

A further added feature to Worms World Party is the introduction of the "wormopaedia". This is like a reference book listing all the weapons at your disposal in alphabetical order. There are over sixty altogether while the book gives a detailed description of the weapon along with its technical details plus the best way to put the weapon to use, its really good!There is also the option to create your own maps that you can also upload to share with others. Your creativity will really come into the fore playing this game.

As usual the graphics in this game a very colourful plus detailed. The soundtrack and effects are great adding to the enjoyment and realism plus having the option of playing against the computer or multi player mode gives you plenty of game play satisfaction. The earlier Worms titles have been suited to both adult or child alike but in my opinion younger children will find this game a little too advanced. Judge for yourself as you have hours of fun playing Worms World Party.

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