Worms Special Edition Game

Worms Special Edition

The turn-based comic mayhem is back in Wormss™ Special Edition for Mac. In a game of Wormss™, each player takes turns to pick off their opponents' worms using a host of crazy weapons and crafty tactics. Worms die if they lose all of their health, or if they drown in the water. The last player standing when the dust settles is declared the winner! Wormss™ Special Edition features up to four player offline multi-player destruction, a raft of crazy new and classic Wormss™ weapons, all new high-definition landscape themes, new landscape editor, new play modes, hats, forts, skins and speech banks. To top it all off, there is also a highly-involving Wormss™ single-player experience with tutorials, deathmatches, races, fort games and puzzles. The game is also packed with customization options, so you can play the game how you want!

Key Features:

Extensive Single Player Content:

Campaign mode. Play through 35 single-player missions as well as 30 more in the Warzone Campaign that is tuned for advanced players.

Bodycount mode! How will you survive with having just one worm pitched against never ending spawning enemy worms that get increasingly tougher?

Training Mode. Comprehensive tactics tutorage that includes 3 tutorials and 3 different firing ranges.

Worms Weaponary and Utilities:

46 weapons and utilities, including classic weapons from Wormss™, Wormss™ 2, Armageddon, World Party and the recent Open Warfare series, and 12 brand new weapons!

12 brand new weapons, including Super Bunker Buster, Ferrets, Poison Strike, Worship, Sentry Gun, Electromagnet, Buffalo of Lies, and new persistent fire!

Classic Weapons returning include Armageddon, Concrete Donkey, Napalm Strike and the infamous Holy Hand Grenade!

Local Multi Player:

Up to 4-player local multi-player Wormss™ action!

Massively Increased Customisation:

Wild customisation and personalization - change appearance of worm skin, choose victory dances, speechbanks, gravestones, voices, HUD, title and over 70 different hats!

Shop 'til you drop! Players can buy hats, landscapes, weapons, missions, forts and gravestones with currency awarded for completing single-player campaigns.

New Fully Featured Landscape Creation Tool:

Fully featured landscape editor, including the welcome return of bridges, and the ability to import your own custom levels into game.

Vertical landscapes - to take the battle to new heights!

Game Modes:

Select from a range of classic Wormss™ game modes and new modes for this edition - Crate/Shopper modes, BnG (Bazooka and Grenade), Forts and Rope Racing.

Use the customisation tools to make your own mode!

High Definition Visuals:

13 HD graphical themes for millions of random levels - never play the same game twice!

Wormss™ has never looked this good with all new High Definition landscape artwork - based on the most loved Wormss™ game ever made.

Widescreen support, optional blur effect for backgrounds, 16 specially designed forts for the fantastic Fort mode

Rating: 85%

This Mac edition of Worms is exceptionally good. While keeping the usual worms format that fans know and love you are given an arsenal of weapons the British Army would be proud of along with an array of items to assist you across the battlefields. Newcomers will enjoy mastering the various functions so will find the excellent tutorials very useful, while seasoned players will find this special edition has literally hours of playtime fun.

The weapons are so big in number that it is useful to take time out to try to practise using them so not to waste time during the game ,plus you do have to earn some of them they aren't just given to you . Each one is different to the last so knowing which one will serve you best in a particular place is handy to. Weapons include the usual bazookas, rifles, mines, exploding sheep, dragon balls plus punk buster missiles. The gadgets are also great and include jet packs, ninja ropes, teleporters or parachutes. The usual customisation function is here too. You can choose names for your worms also what they wear plus how they speak, right down to their accents.

When playing in single player mode you have a choice of difficulty level starting with easy, progressing to hard. Unfortunately there doesn't seem to be a middle level that is neither easy nor hard which doesn't give the player that stepping stone feel in terms of gaining skills. That said it is still a great game to play. Players who are new to Worms would be best starting with one of the campaign modes as they are better for learning skills in my opinion. Along with the campaigns come various puzzles where you get less armoury or the targets are harder to hit. These are good for practice too.

Once again the graphics in this game are simply stunning. The cute faces of the worms with their ridiculous expressions are hilarious. The soundtrack also hits the mark with good musical accompaniment along with quirky sound effects such as explosions or the voices of the worms as they comment on the battle are really funny. The game is one of timing and strategy plus can be as challenging or as simple as you like. Worms Special Edition is certainly one you will want to add to your collection.

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