Worms Open Warfare Game

Worms Open Warfare
  • Streamlined menu system and play modes, tailored especially to suit the needs of mobile gamers inc the addition of mid-mission saves for the first time means that gamers on the move needn't lose the progress they've made in
  • either single or multiplayer gam
  • Multiplayer mode allowing up to four players using one unit (hot seat)
  • Multiplayer mode via WIFI technology allowing connection of 4 units
  • 5 all-new graphical themes, with randomly generated landscapes

Rating: 60%

Worms Open Warfare in its 2D format is a great game keeping true to the format of the Worms game series. Fans of the series will enjoy the usual task of guiding your battling worms across various terrains to annihilate your enemy namely other groups of worms. The aim is to be the last worm standing before all the health allocation has run out to make you the winner. Its a game of strategy and intelligence so if you think you are up to it lets get started!

As previously you have an array of weapons to help you win your battles, although I have to say this game does not have the selection of previous titles which is surprising. Anyway you do have 20 at your disposal including shotguns, hand grenades and exploding sheep. Strategy comes into play when selecting plus using your weapons. For instance with the grenade, wind direction along with where you opponent is sited in relation to your worm has to be taken into account.

There are a number of terrains that you will encounter along with cliff tops while you also need to watch out for land mines or exploding barrels as you move forward to destroy the enemy. You can of course create your own battlefields. This is a good feature as it gives you the feeling of creativity along with control of how you are playing the game. There are also different modes of play such as challenge mode where you see yourself fighting against some stern plus clever opponents.

Although this game is available for DS and PSP I think playing it on PSP is a better experience. Options in terms of game play are fewer on the DS while there are more or less the same play modes available. You can choose your teams on both versions but again the PSP allows you to develop whole new teams of worms which is great.

Summing up Worms Open Warfare is a good sequel. It has lovely colourful graphics with the usual cartoon like worms with their engaging expressions making it a pleasant experience. The soundtrack and effects are really good like the shouts and screams of the battling worms to the good musical accompaniment that is appropriate for the game. Fans of this series will definitely want it to add to their collection.

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