Worms Open Warfare 2 Game

Worms Open Warfare 2
  • Turn-based strategy game mayhem
  • Multiplayer play both on console and online in Ad Hoc mode
  • Legendary Worms arsenal plus 11 all new weapons
  • New Puzzle and Campaign modes
  • ESRB Rated E10+ for Everyone Ten and Older

Rating: 83%

Worms Open Warfare 2 does in fact improve slightly on the first warfare title being more involved plus having more content matter. That said all lovers of the Worms series will not be able to wait to get into the battle that is Worms Open Warfare 2. The aim is still the same, you have to guide your worms over terrains and landscapes to annihilate the enemy worms using a variety of weapons. If you succeed in being the last worm standing you will be victorious so win the game.

In my opinion the most important addition to this game is the ability to customise your game. Other titles have always accommodated this in the form of choosing your team name, weapons, flag or fort but along with these you now can fine tune fall damage, there's an in game shop to buy extra weapons or headgear with your accumulated points.

In this game you have anything up to thirty weapons to choose from to go into battle. There are the usual basic arms including the cement donkey, rifles, grenades or the ninja rope along with more unusual offerings such as the exploding buffalo. It is a game of strategy and planning so the choice of weapons is important so think about it carefully.

The great thing about this edition I think are the variety of modes that you can play in. Single player mode itself has a number of brilliant options such as one where you guide your team through historical places or another, the boss battles where you have to really show your true strength to survive. There is also an interesting puzzle mode for you to well, puzzle over!Playing on the PSP you get an attack mode while the DS gives you three mini games to play ll being a pleasant diversion to the main game.

A great new feature of Worms Open Warfare 2 is the introduction of playing online. This gives you the opportunity to play a game called forts. This consists of two forts, one at either side of your screen while the rope game involves the ninja rope. Both these are self explanatory as you play along, but are an added amusement to compliment the game. The graphics of the game are good along with the soundtrack with its screams and explosion effects that make the experience more realistic. Although not completely different to the first edition I would say that this game has enough added extras to warrant fans the reason to go out and buy it.

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