Worms Forts Under Siege Game

Worms Forts Under Siege
  • Hot seat play - up to four players can play on one console
  • Game-play mechanics based on the same skill and cunning that made Worms a hit. Judge shot power and trajectory to make your enemies pay the ultimate price for opposing you
  • Massive weapons and massive destruction! Catapults, cannons, giant crossbows, bows and arrows, flaming oil, rocket launchers, artillery fire, air strikes, napalm. even nuclear strikes!
  • Build your own castle - ramparts, towers, walls, citadels and keeps.
  • Deformable 3D fortifications! You want to blow craters in your enemy's castle? Then take aim and do it, and watch it crumble before your very eyes!

Rating: 70%

Worms Forts: Under Siege (6th) as a follow on from Worms 4: 3D but is slightly different in that it is the usual successful Worms formula but does seem slightly slower in pace than its predecessor. The main difference in this edition is that you have to construct your fort and keep it going by protecting it from the enemy whereas in previous games you' re only required to seek out and destroy the enemy using your weapons or objects to become the last worm standing.

If your base is destroyed you are out of the game full stop so it is important to protect it at all costs. You do of course have the means to protect what you build in the shape of towers and castles that are great as a platform for attacking your opponents base along with the enemy worms. You can also build hospitals,that are great for treating the wounded while attacks from long range tend to be the key to keeping your base safe as the worms are nearby busily building your fort up.

There are the usual array of weapons such as rifles, bazookas, hand grenades along with the more eccentric banana bombs, exploding sheep and dragon punch that could be straight from a kung fu film. Playing in single player campaign mode is interesting along with the trials mode that pitches you against teams controlled by the computer. Multi player is great too(although not available online) as you are able to customize the whole game plus play against four opponents at once. You control how long each players turn will be, how many weapons will be available or how much health each worm has to start with.

The graphics are the usual cute faced characters although for me that is good I wouldn't want the worms to change too much. They are colourful with plenty of background detail to support the game. The soundtrack is suited to the theme of the game plus it contains all the usual bangs, crashes, explosions and screams that enhance the play . Your experience will differ in terms of controls according to whichever system you play the game on but not that greatly that I would recommend one over the other. Fans of Worms will enjoy playing this one so will definitely want it to add to the collection.

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