Worms Battle Islands Game

Worms Battle Islands

Worms Battle Islands is a turn-based strategy game that allows players to battle across 6 unique and custom designed levels as they take control of and customize their islands. For the first time on Wii, players can engage in online multiplayer as they climb the ranking system in 8 progressively higher ranks. Players can also plan their attacks with the all new War Room feature and customize a vast array of weapons and accessories. Survive the mayhem & be the last worm wiggling when the dust settles! The hit turn-based strategy game franchise Worms is back with all-new features including online multiplayer, unprecedented customization abilities, and more of everything you love about these lovable and funny cartoon earthworms!

Rating: 70%

This next creation by Team 17 is another well thought through addition to the Worms series. Worms Battle Island is the usual worms format but is none the less a more refined edition to the previous offerings. Fans of the series will know what to expect as the formula remains the same that is lead your team of worms to victory by using all your intelligence plus utilising your array of weapons to eliminate your enemies. There are three training modes to help you get a grip on the game along with an excellent firing range to fine tune your skills.

The weaponry is familiar including bazookas, rifles, exploding sheep, the holy hand grenade, plus the ever familiar concrete donkey. There are land mines to dodge too while as usual this is all against the clock so planning and tactics are paramount in this game. You can customise everything again including from your worms attire to their voices or the landscapes you battle on. Another quirky feature is the victory dance that you can choreograph yourself while strangely you can even create your own grave stone!

I particularly liked the single player campaign mode with its excellent thirty levels of difficult missions across a wide range of terrains. There are six islands involved in the campaign including a nuclear experimental site, jungles and freezing Arctic type landscapes. Its good fun as you launch your rockets at the enemy or stealthily pursue your enemy with your sniper gun.

Alternative puzzle games are also available as a diversion from the game. You are expected to eliminate two enemies at a time or kill an enemy with a huge punch or a land mine when playing these. It's good practise for you if you are a novice at the worms games. There are also time trials to play where you have to zoom through caves using your jet pack or make use of the ninja rope swinging and grappling yourself to safety while avoiding falling into a bubbling lake of slime.

Multi-player is a great feature once again making it exciting as you play against friends online or a mate that has come to visit offline. There is a great selection of modes to play including Triathlon, death match, racing or forts. You can keep tabs on your progression on the leader board hoping of course to attain that much sought after title of "Emperor Worm". My favourite by far is the tactic mode. This is really good as you get to have a look at the battlefield just for a few seconds before the battle begins so you can then plan your strategy. Also useful is the ability to go into the war room whenever you like during the fighting to see an overview of what is happening.

The sound track is really good being appropriate to the theme of the game plus there are the usual zany voices of the worms along with great sound effects of explosions. The graphics once again are clever while amusing. You pass all kinds of things as you progress in your battles such as crashed planes or the bough of a part sunken ship sticking out of the water. You also have the useful ability to zoom in or out as required to see what's happening. Worms Battle Island is a good game. Some ardent fans may hope next time around there will be a bigger difference in the content to warrant another purchase but myself? I was very satisfied.

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