Worms Armageddon Game

Worms Armageddon
  • Use over 55 weird and wonderful weapons and tools including Earthquake, Freeze and French Sheep Strike.
  • Play single-player Deathmatch plus an exciting 40+ mission campaign.
  • Learn tactics using five special training modes including Sheep Racing, Crazy Crates and Advanced Weapon Training.
  • Over 30 custom and comedy sound banks (including stiff upper lip, Cyberworms and more).
  • New for multi-player mode: Handicapping (add or deduct energy for a team), Allied Teams (team up with others to target another player), 'Worms Disease', Home Runs and many, many more.

Rating: 86%

Worms Armageddon is yet another advancement of the ever popular series of Worms titles. In this edition you will once again find yourself battling against your enemies to be the sole winner of the game having the last worm standing. Each team of worms in this edition can be from one to eight in number being controlled by the player or additionally the computer. Its fun, exciting, a game of strategy and skill that will keep you entertained for hours.

The game begins by you selecting the level you wish to play or alternatively you can create a level of your own design. Once you have a setting then you can customise your team by selecting the health level for your worms or the power level of the weapons you will use to fight your battles. You may also choose names for your worms along with names for the teams too plus decide what type of accent your worms will speak in its great fun!

You also have a great deal of control over your weapons in that you can change the weapons ammunition or decide on its damage capability. The player can also select the difficulty degree of each battle to suit your level of expertise although this control is not available for Campaign mode which is a pity as this mode can be exceptionally hard to complete. Other decisions you can make are how long the game will last plus you can select the time for "sudden death". The control and decision making you have in Worms Armageddon is phenomenal! Once all this is decided then its battle commence!

There are two new modes of play in Worms Armageddon namely Death match and Campaign. Playing against the computer the challenge level is set very high so you have an increasingly high number of enemy worms to contend with plus their weaponry is endless. This may sound difficult but to my mind it is an added bonus to the Worms game giving it that extra challenge plus it is a test of how accomplished a player you have become.

You have a variety of opponents to play against be it on multi player or on the internet while grasping the basics of the game is not too hard. A tutorial would have been handy but unfortunately one is not available so you have to find your own way around. The games graphics are great,( just look at the amusing faces the worms make) along with yet another superb soundtrack. The sound effects are awesome with cheeky comments from the worms adding to the amusement along with the sound of explosions and screams its very funny. Adults and children alike will have hours of game play fun playing Worms Armageddon.

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