Worms A Space Oddity Game

Worms A Space Oddity
  • Get closer to Worms than ever before as you launch attacks with a variety of unique gestures with the Wii Remote
  • With more intuitive controls, and handy on-screen hints, its never been easier to pick up a Worms title and join in the wormy fun
  • The ultimate blend of classic Worms game modes with a host of all new party games
  • Experience a reinvented single player experience, multiplayer modes, and even more customization for the most rewarding Worms experience ever
  • Immerse yourself in 6 all new environments with a whole new visual style as the Worms battle their way home through Space! (Cavernia, Tenticlia, Frostal, Kaputzol, Mechanopolis, Earth)

Rating: 70%

It is actually ten years now since the Worms series started, how time flies when you are enjoying yourself!We now have a Worms game created for the Wii and what a spectacular edition it certainly is. The aim of the game of course is to guide your team of worms through battles, using weapons to eliminate the opposing team of worms, collect health points(once they are used up your worm is caput) while planning your strategy to be the only team left standing making you the winner. The main difference is the fact that you are actually in outer space while doing so which is a nice alternative setting.

There are a great selection of modes for you to play in such as beginners, intermediate or professional. You can select which one to play giving yourself the choice to start off easier then work your way up to a more difficult experience as you progress. Other modes available are last man standing where strategy is paramount, short supply where the number of weapons that are available to you is restricted or story mode (more about that later).

Fans of this series may find the weapon situation rather disappointing at first as previous titles have had as many as fifty, although the game is still very exciting none the less. In fact the whole game has only ten weapons plus seven tools which compared to others in the series is pretty limited. There are the usual array as in previous titles such as missiles or hand grenades but also jet packs, shovels, teleporters plus portable platforms, just not a huge number. This certainly doesn't detract from the game as the control system is accurate and very entertaining. The Wii control is fantastic at guiding missiles to their target accurately by being motion sensitive. There is no online multi-player available with Space Oddity but you can play with up to four friends sharing the control which I have to say is great.

Playing as a single player is good too. In story mode you battle through puzzles in each world on each level. The object is to reconstruct your ship so that you can return to earth its amazing fun as well as good practice for larger battles you may encounter when fighting the enemy worms. Most of the battles in this game are timed, sixty seconds being the limit, so you need to have good strategy going on to be successful. You have to be as precise as possible so watch when teetering on a ledge not to fall as that will count for your turn or when firing your weapons, miss and that too will count as your turn.

Its a great shame that online multi-player isn't available with this edition as it was expected to be the case but I suppose you can't always have everything. The game in its present form is fabulous. The graphics are good plus the soundtrack with its amusing effects is perfect. Fans of the Worms series will not be disappointed when playing Worms Space Oddity.

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