Worms 4 Mayhem Game

Worms 4 Mayhem

Worms 4: Mayhem is the latest and greatest foray into strategic 3D worm warfare. Play with a fully customizable team of up to six worms in numerous environments and modes including multiplayer modes for up to four players. Add in the brand new Weapons Factory, and you’ll be creating custom weapons of your own!

  • Multiplayer and single-player action spread over five themed zones - Jurassic, Camelot, Arabian, Construction and Wild West
  • Loveable, customizable, yet entirely destructible landscapes
  • Classic Worms' armory is expanded, with an even bigger choices of weapons and fun along the way
  • Through the 25 missions, you're also charged with objectives such as recovering items or smashing scenery

Rating: 75%

Worms 4 Mayhem (7th game) is a great sequel to the previous worms games keeping the familiar format but with a few added extras. Once again in 3D the player has the added opportunity to control how their worms will look in terms of hats, clothing, hair or accessories like gloves or glasses. New to this game is the weapon factory where you can create your own weaponry making it a very individual unique experience.

You can win points as you play Worms Mayhem therefore you have the added bonus of being able to use them in the shop to buy maps, clothing or even change the vocals of the worms, it's great fun. There are a host of weapons to choose from too. There are the usual grenades, rifles and mines but also several new ones including a poisoned arrow, bubble trouble, an inflatable scouser plus Icarus potion.

There are various modes to play in such as multi-player, story mode or challenge mode so plenty of variety in terms of game play. Story mode is my favourite as it is a lot more involved than it has been in previous editions. You start by going through a tutorial led by an Einstein like character who shows you how to play the game along with how to use the weaponry to your best advantage, which is extremely useful. The story is very involved. You will find yourself travelling through time after five missions in a time machine. You will fight different characters along the way to win gold to run the machine. Other places you travel to in this mode are the Wild West, Arabia, where you will meet a character called Ali Baboon(not Ali Baba) and the Prehistoric Era.

Playing on multi-player is really good as you can play online against a number of other players or against the computer while challenge mode sees you facing all kinds of missions that you must complete. The 3D graphics are excellent adding to the realism of the game plus the soundtrack once again does not fail to please with its great sound effects. Worms 7 Mayhem is definitely one for your collection.

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