Worms 3D Game

Worms 3D
  • Use tactics and cunning to face off against the rival worms across bizarre randomly generated landscapes
  • Each battle has a time limit - win in the alotted time or you go into Sudden Death
  • Worms die when they lose all their energy or fall into the icy water surrounding the levels
  • Utility crates drop from above for added power -- use the jetpacks, gravity bombs & other weapons that drop from the sky
  • Design your own custom levels for added excitement and fun

Rating: 78%

Worms: 3D (5th) is the first of the worms series to be produced entirely in 3D. It has the well known Worms format but has the added feature of new weapons that are harder to master than previous armoury. Being in 3D does make the game very different giving the player freedom during play consequently the possibilities are far more exciting. Just in case you are not familiar with how the game is played I will give you a quick run through. It's simple really you have a team of worms that you guide through battles using weaponry and gadgets so they can destroy the opposing team so win the game.

There are various modes including the campaign mode or quick match mode. Campaign mode has a great thirty five missions to complete while in doing so you will be rewarded. For instance if you gain a gold medal this will enable you to unlock maps to help in your missions or add to your time which is very useful. All your tasks are timed so you need to get on with it so not to run out. The quick match mode however is good if you just fancy a speedy game as you are placed in a selected battle to while away an hour or so.

The weaponry is fantastic in Worms 3D being vast in number. You can fire your bazooka, shoot your rifle, throw your grenades or set off a land mine as in all the other worms games. There is also an exploding sheep, banana bomb plus a great dragon punch that Bruce Lee would have been proud of! Eliminating the enemy when playing in 3D is a little harder than when playing in 2D. The added dimension means that you need to be closer to your enemy to destroy them which makes it more risky. I think this only adds to the excitement, while if you worry about venturing too close you can always use the drowning method to kill off your enemy.

The mode I enjoyed the most in Worms 3D is the multi-player. It is just loads of fun as it challenges but doesn't spoil the enjoyment of playing along with friends. You can play with up to four teams of worms while also deciding on which weapons and how many you use, length of individual turns, colours,shapes, the list is endless, that is what makes it so entertaining. There are some great battlefields as you would expect with Worms including The Eerie Graveyard or you may just spot King Kong as he clambers up the Empire State Building.

The graphics in Worms 3D are colourful, quirky and very cartoon like as expected but the cute expressions of the worms along with their sometimes funny outfits is second to none in terms of design. I like the soundtrack along with the sound effects. The voices are hilarious while the addition of worms speaking in foreign tongues just adds to the fun. As a game that has made the transition over to 3D I think it is a success story. Sometimes this change can actually spoil the feel and game play enjoyment but not with this edition. Worms 3D is well worth waiting for and fans plus newcomers alike will have hours of fantastic 3D fun playing.

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