Worms 2007 Game

Worms 2007

Worms 2007 is turn-based strategy game that requires lightning reflexes, smart planning, and creative problem-solving.

Essentially, two teams of worms battle it out for supremacy over a rugged landscape, calling on both traditional and bizarro weapons to eradicate the opposition. Each team gets one turn of uninterrupted action to wreak havoc, cycling through worms that are randomly placed throughout the environment. Before your turn timer drops to zero, you must move, aim, and fire. It all sounds so basic until you see it in motion. A little worm squiggles across a crater, pulls out a shotgun, and blasts another worm square in the face. That worm then picks itself up, wriggles back over, and places some old-fashioned TNT right in front of it's assailant's mug.

Rating: 79%

Worms 2007 is a fantastic follow up game that fans of the genre or even new players will love to play. Just in case you are new to the game I will give you a quick resume. Basically you will control a unit of four worms who need to destroy the enemy to be the last surviving worm of the game. You have loads of help in the form of weapons plus if you plan your strategy carefully not only will you find the game challenging and enjoyable but you will of course win. A great feature of this game is your ability to name your teams plus select your assortment of weapons from the off.

Worms 2007 is true more to the original games of the series giving the player many more weapons plus more of a challenge. You have the option to play in multi player mode or single player mode the choice is yours. In single player mode you have the option to play a swift game or play the training missions which are a good introduction to the game. It also includes 12 play alone matches or 20 death match missions. The multi player mode however can be very competitive as you pit your skills against a possible three opponents or try to compete in specific challenges to see who will be victorious!

The weapons available in Worms 2007 are varied and certainly interesting plus in some cases amusing. You have your usual arms such as rifles, mines grenades and land mines while the more exciting or unusual weapons include a jet pack, grappling hooks, banana bombs, Ming vases plus a great teleport function to enable you to get around easily. The weapons are fun to work with but some of them do take a bit of getting used to in terms of how to control and execute them.

As with the other editions this one has great graphics whether 2D or 3D they are colourful and quirky. There are a variety of landscapes and terrains for you to explore meaning you need to brush up on your strategy skills, while the backing track is good being appropriate for the subject matter and the pace of the game. Whether you are an avid fan that has all the previous games or a newcomer to Worms you will certainly get hours of fun when you play Worms 2007, be it alone or with your friends.

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