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Worms 2

Worms2 is a turn-based game in which up to 8 players can participate. You command a platoon of worms that inhabit a randomly generated terrain, and you must destroy the other worms with an assortment of devastating weapons. Each turn is limited to a set number of seconds. The time limit allows you to position your worm in a nearby safe place, collect one of the bonus items sprinkled around, or go to attack a neighboring worm. Battle continues until only one team of worms remains; otherwise, after 30 minutes of mayhem, death, and destruction, a draw occurs.

Each platoon of worms is given an assortment of weapons, tools, and utilities with which to dispose of the enemy in any way necessary. Players can reconfigure platoon weapons for each game to create war zones.

Use the Internet to challenge players in the next town, country, or continent.

Rating: 85%

Worms 2 is simply a superb follow up to the previous Worms games taking this popular genre to another level. Fans of the originals will love this edition as it stays true to the story but has added extras to please the player. Once again you have to take control of your group of worms taking them from landscape to landscape fighting battles along the way to exterminate the enemy so winning the game. With thirty six single player missions along with multi player options you will be kept busy for hours.

Once again your assortment of weapons are realistically good giving you the choice of grenades, bazookas plus shotguns, to name but a few along with dozens of methods to utilise to destroy the enemy making it a great source of entertainment. For instance why not use the sheep that explodes, that old faithful weapon the baseball bat, strike at your enemy with napalm(a very deadly weapon)or simply bring out the concrete donkey, there are lots of choices.

Practice makes perfect and you will certainly require practice as using these weapons needs experience. Until you have used them a few times you will not be able to judge accurately just what the effect of setting them off will be. The blast from the bazooka will be different to the shot from the rifle so getting used to their effect is paramount if your worm army is to survive, after all you don't want them to blow themselves to smithereens!

Another added feature of this edition is very amusing in that you can use the ninja rope to be lowered from an aircraft over your target then simply drop a sheep on his head. Its really funny if you think of it in terms of real life, imagine that! Its also useful to know that you can log onto a Worms server which costs you nothing and play to your hearts content maybe against a chap in America or Australia. Playing at being editor is also an option customising your weapons or making your landscapes more interesting.

The graphics in Worms 2 are SVGA plus are colourful and defined. The soundtrack is phenomenal having over twelve tracks plus the range of accents you hear are great being one minute a craggy Scotsman the next a crazy Eddie Murphy of Beverley Hills Cop fame sound alike. The sound effects are also superb, just listen out for them you can't fail to hear them. To sum up if you are already a Worms fan you will love this addition to the series. If you are not already a Worms fan well, you soon will be!

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