Worms 2 Armageddon Game

Worms 2 Armageddon

Wormss™2: Armageddon is the latest comic turn-based-strategy blast-a-thon to come to the PlayStation┬«3 system, and is packed with features set to satisfy both new and older generation of Wormss™ players alike. Featuring an in-depth single-player Campaign Mode, Tutorials and Firing Ranges, there are also multi-player online and offline game modes for up to four players, as well as the ability to create your own game styles and landscapes to use and play with over PlayStation┬«Network. Incoming with fresh visuals, returning iconic as well as new weaponry, this online and offline destruction-fest is set to grab players across the globe with its unique brand of easy to learn, but hard to master gameplay.

Rating: 86%

Armageddon, what a dramatic title! Well suited to this game as it is the largest of the Worms games in the series to date. It is of course basically the same story that is well tried and tested but none the less enjoyable. Once again you want to lead your team of worms to victory by destroying the enemy while using your weapons so ending up the last worm standing. Much of this is done against the clock so strategy plus accuracy is the key here.

There are plenty of modes to go at in this edition including standard mode (self explanatory), professional mode in which you have less weapons at your disposal plus less time per turn, fort mode where you build a fort then fight on from one fort to the other and thankfully the multi-player mode. You can even choose whether to fight a full campaign with its thirty five levels which is pretty challenging as you need to be quite a strategist with tactical play as you near the end of the campaign.

To begin the game you have to choose your team of worms, give them names, head gear, even their voices , its really great fun. The hats range from amusing types to quite scary looking offerings. Fans who have played worms previously won't have a problem starting the game straight away but anyone new to the game is well advised to watch the tutorial as it gives you plenty of insight plus advice on the game.

If you play the campaign mode you will find that there are a number of puzzles around it where you are challenged with getting your worm to the exit with only a few weapons. Alternatively you are timed so that reaching the exit as fast as possible is the key. Each level you complete will see you awarded with cash. You can use this to buy more weapons, outfits for the worms, forts or just save the money to buy your last five campaign levels, its really up to you.

The array of weapons at your disposal is great. They include the usual grenades, bazookas and shotguns along with the more exotic banana bomb or super sheep. The Armageddon weapon is superb. It shoots meteors destroying every one that is above the base of the level so must only be used as a last resort or when you are sure you want to end the contest.

Multi-player mode is great for battling against friends. You can play it ranked, consisting of two teams, or unranked, with up to four teams. Play in crazy crates mode, standard mode, professional mode and fort mode. All In all this edition is the best Worms game yet. The graphics are superb along with a great soundtrack with humorous sound effects plus absolutely hilarious voice choices for the worms themselves. With loads of mode choices, weapons and types of game play you will have hours of fun playing Worms 12 Armageddon.

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