Death Worm Game

Destroy and Devour in Death Worm

Go on a wild rampage as a gigantic worm in this exciting, action title. As a terrifying beast, your goal is to destroy as many enemy structures, defeat human threats and chomp up smaller creatures littering the landscape. At times you may be asked to finish a level before the time runs out, create chaos without taking damage or even go on a killing spree until you devour a certain number of humans.

You use a virtual directional pad in order to move the gigantic worm. This works much like an actual analogue stick. On the right side of the screen, there are buttons which allow the worm to use its Fireball or get a speed boost for a limited time. Because of its sensitive controls, the response is on point which helps greatly with missions where precision is key.

To help you maximize the destruction, you may zoom in or out using the slider located at the right side of the screen. Godzilla and Tremors fans would surely appreciate having ringside seats to witness silly humans fall to the ferocious crawler. Speaking of which, the variety of enemies and worm food is astounding. With a zany mix ranging from tanks to camels, there is an endless array of objects to devour or destroy.

The is plenty of time to enjoy rampaging the streets thanks to Death Worm's lengthy play time. There are four different locations with a total of sixty levels all in all. With Campaign Mode and Survival Mode as well as three extra Mini-games to ensure replayability, there's plenty to explore in-game. Add Game Center leader boards and tricky Achievements into the mix and you're set for a whole week of monster fun.

Aside from the novelty of the game, Death Worm truly shines when it comes to its upgrade system. Fulfilling objectives fills up your experience bar. Get enough to level up and you are given an opportunity to choose between several upgrades for your beast. These range from increasing its Size or Speed, improving the worm's Skin Strength, prolonging the Nitro Duration or just beefing up the Fireball.

While we cannot deny that Death Worm is a lot of fun to play, there are a few things that may spoil your game experience. For one thing, the constantly moving action is a love hate thing. Though people who are after a seamless experience may appreciate the progression, there are those who could benefit from a break in between. Specifically, those who have a tendency to get nauseated with jerky camera movements and in-game objects whizzing by.

Also, some objectives such as those which require you to accomplish tasks without taking damage is at times frustrating. Retrying a stage over and over again without much leeway to make things easier may be an unreasonable high bar for younger players.

With Death Worm's novel game play on one hand and its tendency to dizzy on the other, it's hard to fully recommend. At the very least, the free version warrants a try to see if you and your eyesight can keep up with the action. Otherwise, it's an addictive, challenging title that pays homage to classic giant monsters.