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Death Worm

death worm

Go on a wild rampage as a gigantic worm in this exciting, action title. As a terrifying beast, your goal is to destroy as many enemy structures, defeat human threats and chomp up smaller creatures littering the landscape. At times you may be asked to finish a level before the time runs out, create chaos without taking damage or even go on a killing spree until you devour a certain number of humans in PlayCreeks original worm destruction game.

Effing Worms

effing worms

On first glance, you would be likely to dismiss any game that had worms in the title as something that you probably wouldn’t want to waste your time on, most likely because you would equate the common worm with being ugly, pretty boring, and without merit, and no flash game in the world could ever change that. This may be true of the standard earthworm, but when the worm has deadly pincers and is capable of tunnelling through the ground rapidly and emerging to cause large amounts of destruction to people and property, you find that heads may start to turn. The game that has decided to make this crazy thought a reality is Effing Worms, a side-scrolling action game by Effing Games with the instant playability of an arcade game. You will take control of a deadly worm that grows as it kills, and requires more food as it gets bigger. It’s up to you to feed its hunger, and to kill all the enemies in sight.

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